Goals Met: ~60%

Song Of The Month (listen while reading!): Wire - Omni - Post Punk

How did I do with last month’s goals?


Hit all my good habit goals (german, working out, stretching, waking up)

  • Result: C

I hit about half my habits. Working out has been suffering, and german could be better.

Book USA travel

  • Result: F

Get a credit card

  • Result: B

I tried. I TRIED. It is not easy to get a decent credit card in Europe.


Get into a good routine with Formly

  • Result: B

Starting with Formly has been good, I can tell the 4 day work week is going to be amazing. I’ve also been happy out with the actual code I’m doing and the team.

The Berlin summer though is a busy time, so I haven’t been able to really get into a good personal routine. I think I’d like to generally take off Tuesdays or Wednesdays.


Finish my new song’s mastering: Chlorine

  • Result: A+

I got obsessive and mastered my song around 16 times. But its done. I like it. And I learned a lot about sculpting sound.

Potentially in the future I should do the mix and send it off for master.

Now I gotta focus on the release.

Create plan for Chlorine release/ep/name change

  • Result: F

I haven’t had time for this, sending it on to next month.

Side Projects

Decide and begin next side project

  • Results: B

I think I’m going to work on the new idea of UGC self guided tours with accompanying maps.

This idea is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and I think it would be a good side project. It doesn’t actually require that much coding. More focus on getting in front of people.

I’ve been very busy though, as I’ve mentioned above. I’ve also been toying with the idea of keeping both ExpatPho.net and SkinTheory alive. I really should probably kill expatpho.net though on further thought.

What else got done last month?

  • I went to Fusion Festival outside of Berlin, probably the coolest festival I’ve ever been to.
  • My good friend from college, Nino came over for a weekend and saw me play a show with Sofar sounds. Ended up playing with some popular acts.
  • Was in Ireland and went to Forbidden Fruit with my old mates from Ireland.
  • A lot of admin crap for starting the new job.

Lessons Learned?

  • Starting a new job takes a good bit of admin work, especially if coming from freelancing.
  • The summer is hard to get stuff done, lots of fun times.
  • I did a journal entry which made it seem like I’ve 20hrs of freetime a week for projects/music. After looking at my time that has totally not been the case. I need to cut some time with friends down, wake up earlier, and finish my admin stuff for changing jobs.
  • Mushrooms are fun, but not social.
  • German’s act very different from US/Irish people when it comes to mild inconveniences. Much less apologetic and more generally upset.

What are my goals for next month?

“You can’t connect the dots going forward, only back” - Make sure these goals trend the dots towards my goal, being in front of the right people, focusing time where it matters, etc.

  • Plan for Chlorine Release/Video.
  • Spend more time on projects.
  • Actually fill my habit ring most days.
  • Wind down expatpho.net
  • Start winding down SkinTheory
  • Finish all Job transition work
  • Plan next startup.
  • Release one blog post.
  • Go to a tech meetup.

What are my 2024 (year) goals?

  1. 🟡 Kill SkinTheory or get it off my mind completely.
  2. 🔴 Build 3 startup projects, and get faster and more publicity with each. Get atleast 1 to €100 MRR.
  3. 🟢 Support myself with a cool job or through freelancing.
  4. 🟡 Keep myself networked in the startup/engineering scene.
  5. 🔴 Get to the next level with CORP. Get on a label or manager that supports bigger bands or gets more publicity.

What are my lifetime goals?

  1. Run my own business that allows me to: support myself, be relaxed, be innovative, love my work, travel.
  2. Backpack for 6 months through Asia.
  3. Have 100,000 fans of my music.
  4. Be relaxed and be excited to wake up to my life every day.