Goals Met: ~75%

What are my 2023 (year) goals?

  1. Have SkinTheory be running on its own with the grant money.

    Result: F

    Skintheory is running on its own, and weirdly growing slightly with around $100 MRR. But it has no vision right now. Moé and I are also quite busy and uninterested in doing the next bits of work, which are admin tasks that blow.

    Our plan is to use the rest of the money to market the app and then sell it on Microacquire, but this requires us to do some work for sure.

    I think we’re basically done though, we didn’t use the grant money and I’ve no intention of trying to get it. It’s just causing me stress and there’s not much payoff, when I could be building newer things.

  2. Have a new project pulling in €100 a month.

    Result: C+

    I am close to having ExpatPhonet off the ground. I have but in, easily 4x more hours than I expected. I’d say around 140 hrs (which is like 18 days of work, but only done on nights).

    I am proud of what I’ve learned though, and I actually can talk the talk now on building my own web app. I now do have web app code I can reuse. I know how things work, instead of just saying I can learn them (i.e sessions).

    I’m not pulling in money yet, but I will. And I’m still excited about the project.

    I’ve also learned that I really need to have the end in sight for a project to get it done quickly.

  3. Have a new job that I enjoy and be building up savings.

    Result: A+

    Well I got a really good job, but then I quit. But I should be doing freelance now with them, so that is fine. And it pays well.

  4. Support bigger bands with CORP.

    Results: B

    We played otherside festival, and supported a band in Urban Spree, but not too many yet. I think we need to focus more on networking rather than gigging.

I don’t think I need to make my goals more achievable. But I think I need to be cut-throat about always doing things on my way towards them.

New Goals

  1. Kill SkinTheory or get it off my mind completely.

It’s just taking up too much space, and I don’t have room for this many projects.

  1. Build 3 startup projects, and get faster and more publicity with each.

I need to work on building quicker. It will make everything more fun. I get joy from putting things out and getting feedback. I grow sad the longer something takes to get out.

  1. Support myself with a cool job or through freelancing.
  2. Keep myself networked in the startup/engineering scene.
  3. Get to the next level with CORP. Get on a label or manager that supports bigger bands or gets more publicity.

Hopefully I’ll be better this year in reaching my goals.