Goals Met: ~90%

Song Of The Month (listen while reading!): Crimson and Clover - The Shacks - Indie Lofi cover - https://open.spotify.com/track/6OUYnGC355cq0A6V3TNkYE?si=8794c00c93db4ef9

How did I do with last month’s goals?

  • SkinTheory: Finish SkinTheory address change

    • Result: C

    Didn’t finish but did get most of it done. Hopefully will finish this week. Found out that it is basically related to the tax return, so I’m completing that.

  • ExpatPhone: Deploy ExpatPho.net and get it to test users.

    • Result: A+

    I actually released expatpho.net and had a few users pay for it. I also learned some lessons talking to your first beta users and also how shitty the APIs for numbers are that I’m working with. I’ve slowed down a bit on the development of Expatpho.net, mainly because I hate the problem I have to solve next: Looking for a better US phone number provider.

  • MyGroove: Start freelancing with MyGroove.

    • Result: A+

    I’ve started freelancing with mygroove which takes up a good bit of my time now. It’s been a really cool project though, augmenting the database for a new feature. So I’m learning a lot and getting paid well. I’ve had some other interviews with startups in the meantime, kind of randomly. And now have to decide how I can move forward.

  • CORP.: Send out some festival applications to ireland.

    • Result: N/A

    Rory is going to handle this.

What else got done last month?

  • House warming party - Basically fully moved into Fhain now, really took like 6 months from start of finding a house to moving in and furnishing it all from Kleinenzeigen. Had our first house warming party to celebrate which went really well.
  • Dry January - We completed dry January together without much issues. My learnings:
    • It’s not that hard to do in the winter, sometimes you leave parties earlier and talking is a bit less fun.
    • Good for working on project and great maintaining a sleep schedule, expecially though the weekend.
    • Some nonalcoholic beers are grand (Flensburger, Franziskaner) some are shit (Becks)
    • Good excuse to get out of stuff if you wanna work on projects
    • Drinking really makes nightlife, otherwise not as fun
    • A lot of our friends broke down and drank
  • Played a battle of the bands - Really not into battle of the bands, was a fun night, and interesting to try out, but its pretty cringey
  • Recorded some new songs with CORP. which went really well without the click track
  • Sorted out all my freelancing shit, banks, taxes etc. It was a lot of work and its really hard to get a bank as an American abroad.

Lessons Learned?

  • Non drinking lessons outlined above
  • Building something like expatpho.net is very annoying due to sms limitations. Next project would be nice to know if it will 100% work from the get go.
  • Moving takes like 6 months if unfurnished.
  • String guitars by winding the string over the end, not under

What are my goals for next month?

“You can’t connect the dots going forward, only back” - Make sure these goals trend the dots towards my goal, being in front of the right people, focusing time where it matters, etc.

  • Sort out my gym situation, I’m not working out enough
  • Decide if I’ll join Formly and move that process forward
  • Book Japan holiday
  • Learn more about US sms numbers and providers, so I can fix service. Or just implement Europe.
  • Finish all taxes

What are my 2023 (year) goals?

  1. 🔴 Kill SkinTheory or get it off my mind completely.
  2. 🔴 Build 3 startup projects, and get faster and more publicity with each. Get atleast 1 to €100 MRR.
  3. 🟡 Support myself with a cool job or through freelancing.
  4. 🟡 Keep myself networked in the startup/engineering scene.
  5. 🔴 Get to the next level with CORP. Get on a label or manager that supports bigger bands or gets more publicity.

What are my lifetime goals?

  1. Run my own business that allows me to: support myself, be relaxed, be innovative, love my work, travel.
  2. Backpack for 6 months through Asia.
  3. Have 100,000 fans of my music.
  4. Be relaxed and be excited to wake up to my life every day.

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